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Sep 18 2018

5 interesting careers for introverts, SEEK Learning, interesting careers.#Interesting #careers

5 interesting careers for introverts

While introverts may not be the most vocal people in meetings and often shy away from big presentations, they also have many traits that are invaluable in the workplace.

Introverts are often known for being great listeners, allowing them to build a great rapport with those around them and make insightful contributions to discussions.

Introverts also thrive in an environment that allows them to be at one with their thoughts. It s often during these periods of solitude that introverts are able to channel their creativity and develop strong ideas.

If this sounds like you, there are plenty of roles that play to your strengths and bring out the very best in you. Here are five careers for you to think about; some that you may not have even considered before!

1. Web Developer

There s no doubt about it the future is online. Not only will a career in web development allow you to move with the times it s also one that aligns with your strengths as an introvert.

Web developers design, code and modify websites according to a client s requirements and this often involves plenty of time working solo to develop solutions to complex problems. Web development work also involves careful listening and taking on board people s ideas and requests to devise appropriate strategies.

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2. Park Ranger

Do you love the great outdoors? A career as a park ranger could be for you. Introverts can often find lots of noise and activity draining but thrive in an environment which is calming and allows them to be at one with their thoughts. What better place to do this than amongst nature?

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3. Accountant

There are plenty of opportunities to work as an accountant, either within a business or working for yourself. Accountants often have to do plenty of work that requires working one-on-one with a client and this is the type of interaction where introverts thrive the most. Introverts also often excel in analytical work which is key in this field.

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4. Logistics Manager

A career as a logistics manager involves managing the storage and distribution of goods from beginning to end. This work requires skills in project management and developing strategies to solve complex logistical problems. Introverts often have a strong ability to concentrate and strategise, and also work well with others, which are skills that are essential in this role.

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5. Game Designer

Do you have a passion for gaming or multimedia? What better way to channel your creativity than actually designing games? Creating games for computers, game consoles and mobile phones often requires strong attention to detail, something which you re likely to excel in as an introvert. The role of a game designer also allows for the opportunity for solitary work, and plenty of opportunities for thinking and reflecting on ideas all necessary to design a winning game.

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