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May 7 2018

About Us, hospice touch.#Hospice #touch

About Us

Our services are underpinned by a respect for human dignity and care for the physical, psychosocial, spiritual and emotional needs of the total person, whatever their age, lifestyle, culture and spiritual belief. Our patients face a range of conditions, including cancer, respiratory disease, heart failure and HIV.

  • Through expert assessment and regular monitoring we aim to relieve pain, symptoms and side-effects of illness.
  • We enable people to receive care, treatments and therapies directly, wherever they live, through liaison with other healthcare professionals and by providing 24 hour telephone support.
  • We help people retain their independence, mobility and sense of control by providing practical help, equipment and advice.
  • We help restore self confidence and well-being by giving patients the opportunity to meet socially, gain support from others in similar circumstances, and benefit from relaxation therapies.
  • We give patients and their loved ones opportunities to discuss their thoughts and feelings which can relieve fears and anxieties.
  • We help people plan for the future so that they can enjoy life as fully as possible.
  • Where possible we support patients’ carers by providing respite care, giving people a much needed break from their caring role.
  • We provide open and honest explanation to questions, enabling people to make informed choices and have greater control throughout the dying process.
  • We support people as their condition deteriorates, helping families, carers and friends to prepare for bereavement.
  • We provide ongoing support to families and carers in bereavement, from simple practical advice through to counselling services.

We critically rely on voluntary donations, grants and legacies to continue with our care and this is only made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters and volunteers. We are partly funded by the NHS and the Hospital of St John St Elizabeth but rely almost entirely on the support of local people, companies and trusts to raise over £1.8million in voluntary income each year. It costs more than £5.7million to run the Hospice each year.

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