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Aug 31 2017

Best Satellite TV Providers by Zip Code #satelite #company


Best Satellite TV Providers

Best Satellite TV Providers: Buying Guide

Broadband Expert allows you to compare the most affordable satellite TV providers by zip code. We also feature the latest deals and offers so you can compare all of your options in one place. There are so many different TV companies, package deals, and offers, that it can make your head spin at times. The purpose of this site is to explain the different options available to you and facilitate an effortless selection process. When examining our comparison table, keep in mind the different prices, channels, packages, promotions, and customer reviews.

What Should I Consider When Searching for a Provider in My Area?

The great thing about satellite television is that you can receive service regardless of where you live. From city dwellers to farmers, it s available to everyone. All that s required is the manufacturer s equipment and undisturbed reception. However, it is important to consider the differences between the providers. The two most popular satellite TV providers are DISH Network and Direct TV. Once you submit your personal information, and are able to view the comparison chart, pay attention to the various services, equipment essentials, and reviews. In the end, it ll come down to whichever company offers the features you re looking for.

Comparing Dish and DIRECTV?

Both DIRECTV and Dish offer great options. Their packages are wide ranging with varying prices and promotions. Direct TV offers 4 different types of services to start with including English TV, Spanish TV, bundled services, and international TV. Each of these options has a subset of choices. The English TV choices have prices ranging from $29.99 per month all the way up to $89.99 a month. Each company also has its own selection of premium content at an additional cost. DIRECTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket which runs $59.99 per month. NFL Sunday Ticket is by far the best way to watch professional football. It covers every single game in HDTV and allows you to watch up to 8 games simultaneously. Also, DIRECTV includes NFL Sunday Ticket on Demand which gives you the ability to watch highlights and shortcuts from all of the games.

On the other hand, Dish offers only three main options: English, Latino, and international. They have slightly lower prices of the English version than DIRECTV. Also, their packages start at a much lower price—just $14.99 for the welcome pack—all the way up to $74.99 for premium service. The welcome pack includes only 40 channels but is priced extremely low. The main English packages are priced at $24.99 for 190+ channels, $34.99 for 235+ channels, $39.99 for 290+ channels, and $74.99 for 315+ channels.


DIRECTV has broadened its scope to include everything from internet to direct movie downloads which often have the newest blockbuster available right at your fingertips. These movies are all shown in 1080p HD (same as Blue-ray definition) with over 7,000 shows and movies at no additional charge with an interactive DIRECTV channel list. Along with these amenities, DIRECTV also provides an HD DVR receiver which allows you to record a channel in any room. You can also use a tablet or smartphone to watch your favorite show and set the DIRECTV DVR from anywhere. The Smart Search feature on your satellite television remote allows you to quickly and easily find what channel you would like to watch even faster than with a television guide. With almost 20 million subscribers, Direct TV has grown exponentially over the past few years. Along with this growth, there s been increased competition but DIRECTV has still managed to remain innovative.


There s also another big player in the area of satellite TV. With just over 14 million subscribers, they come in a close 2nd to DIRECTV in terms of their services and customer base. Boasting an impressive DVR setup, DISH offers their Hopper DVR with a 2 TB hard drive, the ability to record up to 6 channels at one time, and the ability to stream four HD channels to different TVs simultaneously. A clever remote control finder feature alleviates the worry about ever losing your remote again. They also offer a comparable service to DIRECTV with their “TV Everywhere” feature. This allows you to watch any channel on the TV spectrum from anywhere you want. Any television show can be watched online with an iPad, on a mobile phone or laptop. This is through their DISH online service which has its own dedicated website. Blockbuster has also partnered with DISH to offer a movie service which includes unlimited movie exchange at any Blockbuster, and also unlimited streaming of movies online.

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