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Mar 22 2018

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Buying second hand cars ā€” Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Buying second hand cars can get confusing. With a large number of dealers and sellers out there it is not at all easy to find a vehicle which suits your needs. To help you out of this dilemma, there are a number of websites like These websites are basically online market places where you can find what you want. As far as reliability is concerned the has got a range of satisfied customers to tell you the story.

Maruti suzuki second hand cars

Geography plays an important role and there are a few cars in India which have got a higher value than others. This is mainly because of the road conditions in India. The Mahindra, the Maruti Suzuki, Honda and a few others like this are favorites among Indians. The manufacturer company also has a major role to play. A few of the companies have a higher resale value for their cars. The higher segment cars have a much higher depreciation value and do not have a high resale value.

Maruti cars are synonymous with trust in India. This is mainly because of the service and the features that they provide in their cars. Another very important factor which the Maruti Suzuki has taken care of especially in India is affordability. And the price of the newly purchased car has an influence on the valuation of second hand cars. And this point makes an impact on the second hand cars of Maruti Suzuki. If the price of the new vehicle is already affordable then the price of the second hand vehicle automatically comes down. So you get a deal which is very much affordable along with the trusted Maruti features.

Maruti suzuki second hand cars

As far as buying Second Hand Cars of Maruti are concerned, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is one very good choice to make.

The Vitara Brezza is provided with the turbocharged four cylinder 1.3 litre engine which throws back a power of 89 bhp and the transmission is taken care of by five-speed manual gearbox.

The Vitara Brezza looks stylish from outside with a high bonnet and has a rectangular grille. The swept back headlamps add up to the style factor. The looks are also enhanced by the black honeycomb grille and blacked out fog lamps on the front bumper. From the sides the contrast colored roof seems to be square-shaped, there are wheel arches which are flared and looks trendy. The rear portion has been kept simple with a spoiler, light guides, a hatch for opening the boot lid and a silver bash plate.

The interior of the Vitara Brezza is much like the other Maruti cars. The top model has a start-stop function, climate control system, leather seats and OVRMs which can be electronically folded. There is an infotainment system that is much like the Baleno. The driver seat is height adjustable.

The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is provided with ABS and dual airbags for safety purposes.

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