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Nov 30 2017

Call Center Software Solutions I Hosted Predictive Dialers #cloud #predictive #dialer


Voice Broadcast

An easy to set up and use fully automated system, our Voice Broadcast service is ideal for retailers, insurance companies, vas content providers, content aggregators, ecommerce sites, clubs. Such businesses can send promotional voice messages or advertise new offers for their members or registered customers.

IVR Solutions

Our IVR solution offers in-bound Automated and Interactive Voice Response Systems that can handle voice based menus / responses to incoming customer calls. Ideal for Call Centers, Banking and Insurance Companies who may need an automated voice response menu to be built to guide calling customers to respective destinations or route the customer to a live customer service agent.

Customer Support Dialer Solution

Many companies use our cloud dialer service to connect to their existing customers regarding new services/ schemes; feedback on service, opinion polls etc. Typically Insurance, banking and finance companies and authorized affiliates engage customers to enhance customer satisfaction. Such companies use outbound dialing solutions.

Sales Dialer Solution

Sales teams in verticals like Insurance, Banking and Finance, Realty, eCommerce can use our dialer on cloud to engage prospects and customers with an offer, do a survey or even solicit feedback.

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