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Dec 31 2017

Cell Phone Car Accident Pictures and Stories Several studies show cell phones are a leading

Mother Killed by Cell Phone User

Semi Driver Reaches for Cell phone

Mustang Crash Due to Cell Phone

Hit by Driver on Cell Phone
Boston, Massachusetts

Cell Phone Accident
Lebanon, Oregon

Cell Phone Use Causes Accident
Landisburg, Pennsylvania

Dropped Phone
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Drunk Driving While Talking on Cell Phone
The music was blasting, and my cell phone rang

Crash While Text Messaging
Harrisburg, PA

Pontiac Crushed: Cell Phone

Rear Ended by Cell phone User
Galesburg, Illinois

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Comments About Cell phones Accident, Safety, Public Policy?
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Hello, Your website is great. It s about time we started looking at cell phones and car accidents. The cell phone is becoming a major factor in accidents and incidents. While driving without Marin County, especially San Rafael, I have seen many near misses both cars and people, plus the traffic delays they cause. I am trying to do something about it. I have sent the attached letter to the city manager of San Rafael plus the San Francisco Chronicle and our local county paper the IJ. Regarding the letter have you heard any city creating Cell Phone Free Zones?
Gene N. Posted 4/15/08

Dear Mr. N.
I have an idea or suggestion I would like to share with you. I would support this suggestion with time and effort. I believe it s time to take action with a practical approach to resolution.
Just as background, I have lived in the San Rafael area for over 35 years. I have worked with the San Rafael s Volunteer program over 10 years in implementing/maintaining some of the San Rafael Volunteer websites (i.e. Volunteer, Clean, and EVC). This suggestion does not related to these websites but the brief background shows my interest and concern for a better San Rafael and Marin County.
Here s my comment and/or suggestion: Cell phones are becoming a major nuisance to our driving pleasure and safety, especially on San Rafael s 2nd 3rd streets. The new hands-free July, 2008 Californian law will not solve these problems. This has been proven in New York City which has had hands free for a few years. Here are additional Cell Phone Car Accident Pictures and Stories.
Several studies show cell phones are a leading cause of car crashes . It is estimated that cell phone distracted drivers are four times more likely to be in a car wreck. According to a Harvard University study, cell phones cause over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year.

I believe we need to implement Cell Phone Free Zones (CPFZs); especially on the major streets leading to Highway 101. This could be done with two frequency cables running on, above or below these streets. This is the same technique restaurants are doing and it s working. What San Rafael could install is a frequency cables running down both 2nd and 3rd streets to disrupt cell phone frequencies. People who want to use their cell phones would know they would have to go down 4th street to conduct their cell business, even if it is only to tell the spouse they are 5 minutes from home. This might also be good for business; more traffic on 4th street. San Rafael could even broadcast over these Cell Phone Free Zones for general public awareness and safety situations. Also, it would be great if some year we would have cars that would turn off cell phones if drivers are traveling faster then 10 miles per hour or if other cars within 50 yards of your vehicle. Is this a pipe dream? I do not think so.

  1. Increase road safety. Here are two specific situations I experienced where cell phones have cause traffic problems. First, one day on 2nd street I saw to cell phone drives bump into each other and the second, a cell phone driver almost hit a pedestrian in a cross walk on 3rd street.
  2. Improve the commute traffic for those who need to get to work and must use 2nd street including our friends in San Anselmo, Fairfax and beyond.
  3. National Press Headlines, City of San Rafael makes history! 1st city in American with free cell phone safety traffic lanes; improvements include better compute traffic and public safety. Once again California leads the way.
  4. Less Cell Phone Road Rage and thus a better commute experience.
  5. Use this Frequency Wire/Cable to broadcast San Rafael news
  6. More business traffic on 4th street because cell phone uses will want to travel down 4th so they can use their cells during rush hours.

Misuse of cell phones is a growing, major issue. It will only get worse. It s my opinion the cell phone drivers are not very courtesy to their fellow drives because their minds are in another world. In talking with many of my friends, they all support this CPFZ idea. This problem is a growing issue that some day must be addressed far and beyond the hands free law. Why doesn t San Rafael take the national lead and become the first city in the United States to do something futuristic by creating Cell Phone Free Zones? I would gladly volunteer for any work in this area. Let s get started with an awareness/acceptance campaign (I could start by adding something to one of the San Rafael websites). I think you would be surprised with any survey results you conduct. Cell phone rage is growing and is already causing accidents and/or incidents. I am looking forward to your comments.
Gene N.

Comments About Cell phones Accident, Safety, Public Policy?
Comments you would like to Post about this or any story/pictures? Mention the story/pic you would like to comment on and Send to:

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