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Oct 1 2017

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Malpractice | Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

Elise Kramer | June 7th, 2013

An Illinois mother claims that her son suffered complications during his birth that have left him permanently injured. She has brought a birth injury lawsuit against the medical facilities and doctors that she says are responsible for her child s injuries injuries which medical experts say should have been able to be foreseen and prevented. Her lawsuit claims that if the standard Read more

Elise Kramer | May 23rd, 2013

An Illinois mother has filed a birth injury lawsuit after her son was born with several serious birth injuries, which she claims were a result of medical negligence and malpractice at the hands of the employees of the medical care centers at which she was treated during her pregnancy and delivery. The mother plaintiff enlisted the help of a birth Read more

Tracy Ray | April 25th, 2013

“Fetal distress” is a general term indicating that the fetus is not doing well or that there is a problem. Indications of fetal distress include vaginal bleeding or cramping, fewer fetal movements during the last stage of pregnancy, and significant changes in the fetal heart rate. When any of these signs of fetal distress occur, it is vital for medical Read more

Tracy Ray | March 16th, 2013

Cerebral palsy is a permanent disability caused by brain damage, usually resulting from a birth injury. In many cases, this birth injury may be the result of medical malpractice or negligence during labor or delivery. Cerebral palsy is characterized by difficulties with movement, ranging from poor coordination in mild cases to quadriplegia (severely impaired movement or paralysis in all four Read more

Tracy Ray | March 6th, 2013

An Iowa family was awarded $5.5 million in a medical malpractice case in which they alleged that Great River Women’s Health Center and two physicians who worked there were liable for their daughter s brachial plexus injury and subsequent disability. The little girl, who is now five years old, still has only limited use of her right arm. The verdict was Read more

Balkin, Eisbrouch & Associates are experienced trial attorneys representing people and families who have suffered serious, life changing injuries due to negligence. Since establishing Balkin & Eisbrouch, we have focused the firm’s resources on helping people recover money for. read more

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Birth Injury Lawsuit

Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

The law firm of Balkin & Eisbrouch has been handling birth injury and cerebral palsy lawsuits for over 40 years. Nothing is more devastating for a family anticipating the arrival of a healthy baby than to learn that the baby is suddenly having unexpected problems. Oftentimes when a couple learns that there has been some complication with the delivery of their baby,they are told that everything will be OK. They are advised to just take the baby home and the baby will be fine. However, when the parents later learn that the baby is decidedly Not fine- that he or she has cerebral palsy or any other kind of birth injury- they need to know exactly what those doctors meant by a “complication.” The reality is that everyone involved wants to step away from the responsibility, and that’s when they need a birth injury or cerebral palsy lawyer. Read more from our lead Cerebral Palsy Lawyer.

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