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Aug 2 2017

Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies – University of Victoria – University of Victoria #master #degree #in #educational #psychology


Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies

Are the Canucks redefining NHL culture?

Leadership studies expert Carolyn Crippen completes a seven-year study, tracing the roots of the Canucks’ “culture of civility” from Pat Quinn and Trevor Linden to the Sedins. Photo: Jeff Vinnick.

Master’s in indigenous counselling, a Canadian first

Ring article: “A new UVic program is the first in Canada to offer a master’s degree in Indigenous counselling and will directly address the urgent needs for professional counsellors able to provide culturally relevant counselling services to Indigenous individuals, families and communities.”

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Museums and art in leadership studies

Dr. Darlene Clover, Professor in Leadership Studies, is focusing on art galleries and museums in Canada and the United Kingdom as important sites of critical pedagogy and social activism.

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Canadian veterans and their transition to civilian life

Veterans Transition Network clinician: Dr. Tim Black – Associate Professor, Counselling Psychology.

“I look forward to continuing to serve the veteran community with my research efforts.”

Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies

Get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the classroom, the workplace, and in the community.

Our programs will lead you toward an understanding of the nature of knowledge, its interpretations and how it’s shared.

Develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to work as a professional counsellor in a wide variety of settings.

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