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Sep 8 2017

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Your Healthcare Solution

Our Practice Management philosophy is simple. We aim to improve effectiveness and efficiency within a healthcare provider’s practice, by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from the practitioner’s schedule as far as possible, leaving the practitioner free to give their patients the care they require. At eMD we strive to ease the management and automate all repetitive tasks, such as submissions and orders. Whether managed care is your goal or you work on a fee for service model, or even a combination, eMD is the only powerful integrated platform which allows one to work today without limiting one’s options tomorrow.

Practice Management Software

Healthcare providers need specific and focused solutions, with intuitive workflows and rich specialty specific content. With eMD Technologies, Healthcare Solutions is at our core. Trusted by more than 3000 practices and more than 87 provider types.


Providers have to watch over different dimensions simultaneously, balancing quality care delivery and moderating costs by tracking workforce and their financials. Keeping a record of all these dimensions is impossible without using a centralized system.

Debt Management

Our dedicated collections and billing specialists are equipped to provide an unmatched level of service. Using aging reports, electronic claims processing, and monthly status reviews, we customize your billing and collections process so it’s quicker, easier, and simpler.

Information Technology Consulting

The changing healthcare environment means that healthcare providers need to respond with rapid transformation. Learn how we can help you increase organizational flexibility, agility and responsiveness, while reducing costs.

Healthcare Advisory Services

The eMD advisory services team work interactively to understand the unique fabric of our clients’ organizations. We formulate solutions that ensure your vision becomes a reality. At the eMD Group, we design your tactical solutions through well-developed project plans.

Training Services

It is vital in any area of business to offer continual staff training to your employees. This not only helps your employees improve their position in your company but will also enable you to draw the full potential from your workforce, and unlock the full effectiveness from your practice.

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider’s office. EMRs go beyond the data collected in the provider’s office and include a more comprehensive patient history.

Mobile Web Application

With our new web based mobile App you will have a birds eye view of exactly what is transpiring in your practice at any given time and from any mobile device anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Our Practice Management philosophy is simply. To improve effectiveness and efficiency within a healthcare provider’s practice by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from a healthcare providers’ schedule wherever possible. Simply put, the healthcare provider should only have to see patients. Our system will ease the management of tasks and automate all repetitive tasks such as appointments, claims and orders.

As an added value extension of eMD Technologies; we have introduced our eRecoveries Department. Our collection is done in an assertive and professional manner which includes the sending of highly customized debt collection letters and telephonic follow ups. We use a number of investigative techniques and resources to gather as much current information as possible.

“As a family practitioner I have been using eMD practice management software for over 10 years and it has served my practice well in terms of efficient claims management and ease of use. Various other functionalities add further value to the practice such as reports etc. “

Dr. G. Govender. General Practioner (Eastern Cape)

“In response to the request of Mrs. Moodley asking of my opinion in reviewing the work she puts in for my practice: In Claims are handled to an exceptional point that i am forced to reassess the service and people welcoming attitude i am receiving from my in house secretary. She is welcoming and communication with her always has feedback. It is a pleasure to have her on my team and i hope to have her for a while. “

Dr. O. Useh. Dental Surgeon (Northen Cape)

“I would like to thank Irene and her team at incubation for their support and getting me settled into their system, assisting me 24/7. I hope your team keep up the good work.”

Dr. T. Pupuma. General Practioner (Eastern Cape)

“Avron from support has always assisted me, been friendly and gone the extra mile for my clients.”

Dr. H. James. Dentist (Western Cape)

“I am impressed with the level of service received from anybody that call me from e-Md. I also appreciate the really fast response to my every query, and the fact that I get my queries resolved immediately. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you at E-Md who go the extra mile to lend support whenever required.”

Dr. U.K. Hira. Dentist (Gauteng)

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