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Sep 7 2018

Expert Advisor Builder – FX-Builder is a Forex Strategies Constructor, fx trading strategies.#Fx #trading #strategies

fx trading strategies

Fx trading strategies

Fx trading strategies

FX-Builder is a

Trading Strategies Constructor

– Make your own unique Forex strategy just clicking parameters

– Special skills or programming knowledge are not required!

– Use settings that have already traded on real accounts successfully

Fx trading strategies

Discover Great Opportunities with Us

– Get 6 trading systems that already work on real accounts

– Make your own EA, modify or combine existing systems

– Sell in our Store settings that you have made

– Order your own modification of FX-Builder

Fx trading strategies

Make Your Own Unique Trading System

– Over 200 intuitively understandable settings

– More than 1 000 000 000 000 000 of possible combinations.

– All parameters are fully compatible with each other

– Absolutely optimized backtesting speed

Fx trading strategies

Share Your Developments with Others

– Simply share your settings just saving file with parameters

– Improve and develop your trading system jointly with friends

– Discuss your and other developments on your favorite forums

Fx trading strategies

Fx trading strategies Fx trading strategies

Fx trading strategies

Why our product is better than other Advisors?

We offer great advisors with different logics which recommended themselves as successfully ones on real trading since 2015 year and have backtests from 1997. But the most important is that all these advisors were created with the help of our very powerful tool FX-Builder, which comes in package with all systems.

What is so special in our Strategies Constructor?

Unlike any of our analogues we provide 6 already done trading systems which were created by means of our strategies constructor. That proves that our constructor is working and effective! The number of possible combination of all parameters is practically unlimited, and the main privilege there is no need to have specializing knowledge or skills in programming sphere!

Comparison table of services

How we managed to create such Tool as FX-Builder?

It’s all about our great experience in developments of unique systems. We have made a long way from coding customized trading systems for private clients to the work in the major company where were created really worthwhile advisors for management of big accounts. In our product, FX-Builder, we have realized all our experience and put in it the best strategies which can be set easily and combined with filters of all kinds, different Money Management, Time Management, Stop Level Management, trailing stops and many many others.

Make money with us by Selling your developments!

We are glad to give our clients the opportunity not just to create trading system and earn money on Forex market but also to sell their own developments which were made with the help of FX-Builder in our store. It is very easy to do. Read more.

This is not the final version. New upgrades are coming soon!

We do not think that really thorough and final version of constructor can be done for the short period of time. We plan to improve and widen our product abilities for a long time, considering clients wishes and market changing. That is why if you miss something in FX-Builder just let us know and probably in the nearest updating we will add this feature. Of course all upgrades and improvements will be absolutely free to all clients that have bought our product once.

Fx trading strategies

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