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May 17 2018

Flight attendant careers#Flight #attendant #careers

Flight Attendant Careers

When one thinks of a job as a flight attendant, the first thing that comes to mind is usually an image of someone serving drinks to passengers on board a major airliner. While major airline carriers do hire a good number of flight attendants, there are also jobs available in a number of other areas. Here are some of the most prominent flight attendant careers.

Regional Airlines

Regional airlines are small carriers that typically fly only short distances within a particular country. They often service some of the nation’s smaller airports, and are commonly used by business travelers. Regional airlines use smaller aircrafts than the major carriers do, and there are fewer passengers on board as a result. This means there are fewer job openings; however, those who are lucky enough to land one of these flight attendant jobs can normally count on a more regular schedule than flight attendants who work for national carriers.

Charter Airlines

Charter airlines exist in many of the mid-sized airports throughout the country. Planes are chartered on an as-needed basis by tour groups and business executives, and flight attendants are part of the charter package. These flights may travel only short distances or across the country. When traveling great distances, these attendants are provided with a stipend for lodging and meals. The amount of work a charter flight attendant has may be very heavy at times and extremely slow during other periods, making this one of the more exciting career for an attendant.

Corporate Flight Attendant

Many corporations have their own jets, which means they also hire their own pilots and flight attendants. Corporate flights may sometimes carry the clients of a particular corporation as well. These aircraft are normally extremely luxurious, and passengers are given very personalized service. These jobs may require flight attendants to be on call at a moment’s notice, but an added bonus is that they often pay extravagant bonuses to flight attendants from time to time.

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Flight attendant careers

Military Flight Attendants

The Armed Forces has a limited number of flight attendant positions. These attendants normally serve dignitaries and high ranking military officials. Landing one of these positions requires an individual to enlist in either the Air Force or Navy and take training as a crew chief. Each branch has its own unique requirements that must be met in relation to rank and special training. Interested parties will also need to have a Top Secret security clearance in order to be considered for a special duty assignment as a flight attendant. Flight attendant jobs in this field are difficult to obtain, but they pay very well.

On Call/Reserve Flight Attendants

These flight attendants must be willing to head out with little or no warning whatsoever. Flight attendants who work on an on-call basis essentially bid for a bona fide day off. If they are not granted this privilege, they are put into a pool of workers for an airline to pull from if another flight attendant is unable to make a trip. While in an on-call status, attendants must remain within two hours of their local base at any given time.

As you can see, there are plenty of unique opportunities for flight attendants to take advantage of. This means the sky is actually the limit when it comes to beginning one of these exciting flight attendant careers.

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Flight attendant careers

Flight attendant careers

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