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Sep 5 2017

How to Become a School Teacher – Teacher Degrees #degree #to #become #a #teacher


How to Become a School Teacher

How to Become a School Teacher

Your first step in becoming a school teacher is to find a college and choose a degree program. You ll also want to set up a time to sit down with a career counselor at your college of choice to discuss your career options. You re definitely going to need a degree to get started, but it s smart to look into the future by discussing your career options before getting started. That way, when the time comes after graduation, you ll know how to get your foot in the door when searching for your very first teaching job.

What type of degree do I need to become a teacher?

You ll need at minimum a bachelor s degree to become a school teacher. Your degree should be a major in education, special education, or early childhood education, depending on your career focus. Your major could also include Mathematics, English, Science, and many other subjects that you can discuss with an admissions counselor beforehand if you re undecided. If you know what grade you d like to teach and if you re interested in teaching a specific subject to high school students, this will make it easier to choose the proper courses. Upon completion of your degree program, you ll then take a series of tests to become teacher certified.

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Most Important Skills for School Teachers

Work with Children

Working with children takes a special person who needs patience and clarity in speaking.

Desire to Help Others

Teaching is helping, and the best teachers are the ones that enjoy helping others.

Passion for Education

Most teachers love learning themselves, and love teaching others. The passion shows!

Are there any special skills that I should have as a potential school teacher?

One of the most important skills that you ll need as a teacher are your ability to work with children and at times to work with children under pressure. When working with kids, patience and understanding is a must, along with the ability to lead and teach well. Before actually entering the field of teaching, you ll want to gain some experience working with children. This will not only help prepare you for your first teaching position, it can also help you get hired after graduation. Consider volunteering your time with organizations that work with children.

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