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Jun 25 2017

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Over 25 years of culinary training.

Helping student’s realize their dream

JNA Institute of Culinary Arts has provided quality training for the food service industry since 1988. With a strong concern for educational excellence and a proud record of job placement, the school maintains an excellent reputation among students, graduates, and employers. Using modern educational techniques the students in a realistic job setting. Hands-on training is stressed, but theory and relevant course work are also used to provide our students with the necessary background and experience to become successes.

Teaching the culinary skills you will need

Students learn the unique set of skills needed to compete in this fast paced industry. Hands on training makes the transition from student to line cook, sous chef, and executive chef a realistic and smooth career progression. Learn more.

Teaching the pastry skills you will need

Students learn the pastry skills needed to help them be better prepared for the varied demands of today’s professional kitchens. Advanced pastry classes give the student the opportunity to learn the required techniques to grow their creative skills. Learn more.

Teaching the management skills you will need

Students learn real world hospitality management skills through a combination of hands on training in the school’s restaurant and classroom activitites. Learn more.

Dining at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts

The restaurant at JNA is part of our students’ total educational experience. Under the guidance of our expert hospitality and chef-instructors, students execute the meal and service to exacting standards. Although securing reservations on a Friday can require advance planning, same-day reservations are often readily available on Tuesday-Thursday. Call 215-468-8800 or reserve online.

Find the information you need


Shop for textbooks, lab supplies, cookbooks, school gear, and kitchen supplies. Learn more.

Attention Recent Graduates

All diploma/AST degree-seeking students should apply for graduation via this graduation application form. Learn more.

ServSafe Food Handler Certification

Get information about upcoming class schedules. Learn more.

Do you need restaurant staff?

Need cooks or servers? Full-time or part-time. Temporary or permanent? Learn more.

View some videos

Watch graduate testimonials or our TV commercial. View now.


Here are some interesting recipes. We hope to update these pages soon. Learn more.

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