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Sep 23 2017

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Long Island Divorce Mediation

For over 14 years, Long Island Divorce Mediation, located in East Setauket, NY, has been providing experienced divorce mediation services that help to facilitate, mediate, evaluate and resolve any conflicts during the divorce process. Our primary goal is always to make things easier for our clients.
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Divorce Mediation Service in Long Island, NY

No matter how you look at it, divorce is inherently unpleasant. But that does not mean it has to be a conflict-heavy, legal mess that gets dragged out until the bitter end. Here at Long Island Divorce Mediation, we believe that a relatively smooth and productive divorce settlement is possible, and we aim to achieve that for each of our valued clients. Since 2001, we have been helping clients handle division of assets and properties, custody of children, alimony, child support, debt, parenting time and other crucial and potentially troublesome issues that come with divorce. If you are in need of quality, experienced divorce mediation in Long Island, NY, we hope you will consider getting in touch with us.

Long Island Divorce Mediation is accredited by The New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, and we proudly served as a board member for over nine years. Our goal is to promote the highest professional principles when discussing the different nuances and negotiations of divorce, and our experienced, passionate mediators handle each case with an optimistic, nonjudgmental approach. Here are just a few reasons why our valued clients have been choosing Long Island Divorce Mediation for hassle-free divorce mediation service in Long Island, NY since 2001:

  • We are a proud, locally owned and operated small business in Long Island, NY.
  • We aim to provide professional, conflict free mediation divorce services.
  • We are fully accredited by the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation.
  • Our mediators are experienced, nonjudgmental and knowledgeable.
  • We can assist in a variety of different areas, including child custody, division of assets and more.

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