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Nov 10 2017

Major in Social Justice #jobs #with #liberal #arts #degree


Major in Social Justice

Begun in fall 2014, the social justice program provides students at Merrimack College with the chance to turn their passion for change, human rights and a more just world into a career through the major in social justice.

This interdisciplinary program has been designed to prepare students for the demands of a world where our awareness of inequality and capacity to address social issues have become globally interconnected. Through a variety of courses, chosen from among all the disciplines in the liberal arts, students receive the theoretical, analytical and experiential knowledge that will prepare them for advocacy and human-rights work with local community organizations, as well as national and international nongovernmental organizations and institutions such as the United Nations.

The major in social justice is designed to combine a strong theoretical understanding of ideas of social justice with experiential learning through practical application, and it includes a required internship in a community-based organization or NGO.

Due to the unique nature of social justice and the diversity of the fields it connects, the program is structured to give students the option of customizing their major in order to focus on the issues or areas that most appeal to them. Although the program offers a variety of concentrations, the director of the program, together with selected advisers, will work closely with each student, so that his/her interests shape an individual experience as a path to a meaningful future. The flexibility of the program, too, allows for students to successfully double-major, thus enabling them to pursue their social concerns while learning other valuable skills and knowledge.

Career Paths

The major in social justice offers students the possibility of preparing for exciting work in a variety of fields. Career opportunities include employment in government agencies; colleges and universities; consulting firms; research institutes; corporations; domestic and international nongovernmental organizations, including community and environmental organizations; human-rights organizations, e.g. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch; the United Nations; and international development organizations.

Social justice graduates are also employable as international environmental journalists, writers, media producers and organizers.

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Social Justice News

The second Social Justice Week to raise awareness of issues such as gender inequality, racism, religious intolerance and media bias; and the roles of education and activism in the struggle for social starts this week.

  • Annie McDonnell 16, will be the featured speaker for Merrimack College s seventh annual First Lecture at 7 p.m. March 1 in the Rogers Center for the Arts .

  • Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jose Vargas is scheduled to kick off this year s acclaimed Speakers Series with a presentation at Cascia Hall Monday Nov. 9. The speaker series was the idea of President Christopher E. Hopey several years ago in which guests are invited to campus to share their personal stories, said Vice President of Institutional Research and Assessment Russell K. Mayer.

  • For more than 50 years Americans have looked at Cuba as a political pariah, ruled by a despot whose views were anathema to our way of life but which produced great cigars and kept classic cars on the road. A Cuban speaker coming to Merrimack through the Witness for Peace New England fall tour hopes to broaden that perspective.

  • Professor Raechel Tiffe is scheduled to break new academic ground for Merrimack College when she begins teaching in three departments in the School of Liberal Arts this fall.

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