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Sep 3 2017

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Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Unlike other degree programs that cover a range of policy areas, the Heller School MPP focuses specifically on domestic social policy. This allows our students to dig into the social issues they’re most passionate about, because we believe that if you want to create systemic change, you need to think beyond the status quo.

The Heller MPP is a two-year program to develop the skill set that every policy analyst and social change agent needs to be successful. It starts by learning how to conduct sophisticated structural analysis. Students can choose to study in a specific social policy concentration, such as poverty alleviation or behavioral health, and everyone gains experience on the ground through funded internships.

We are a small community that s cooperative, not competitive. Our students, faculty and alumni have diverse social policy interests, but we all realize policy s potential to advance social justice change both locally and nationally. Heller MPP graduates get policy jobs around the United States, with one-third working in Boston, one-third in Washington, D.C. and the final third spread around the country.

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

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