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Aug 1 2017

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Since 2005, over 16,000 happy medical coding professionals have found the right medical coding information.

SpeedeCoder ® is online medical coding software that effectively meets the diverse needs of coding and compliance professionals, medicare experts, health care providers, software developers, coding students and educators and medical publishers.

Procuring the appropriate medical coding software and literature used to be difficult business, but it doesn t need to be so anymore. From the latest ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT ® and HCPCS medical software and code books to accurate and effective medical coding knowledge, SpeedeCoder Sidekick has been the choice of over 16,000 happy users looking for the right medical coding information. To add to that, SpeedeCoder has an affordability that doesn t compromise on its powerful features.

I am a Medical Coder who uses Coding Books like AMA, Optum, PMIC, Decision Health

I am a Medical Coder who uses Coding Software like Encoder Pro, Supercoder or Flashcode

I am a Student learning about coding

I am a Medical Software Developer, looking for a reliable data file supplier

Newly Released SpeedeCoder V2 Powerful, Easy to Use Features And a Mobile Friendly Interface

The brand new SpeedeCoder V2
is a powerful, mobile friendly medical coding software with an easy-to-use interface.

SpeedeCoder allows you to save time while getting more accurate results, which translates into higher revenues!

Multiple SpeedeCoder pricing options Mini, Pro, Plus and Platinum

Try our SpeedECoder Mini to browse the code books electronically!

Includes Mini and two powerful searching options Basic Search and Advanced Search
Basic Search simultaneously search CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM codesets with compliance edits
Advanced Search obtain fine tuned search results utilizing filters
Convenient Basic Search box on every page
Medicare Fees RVUs
Personal Shared (Group) Customizations
and more for a complete list see the pricing page

Contains all the features of Pro and Coding Crosswalks

Crosswalks codesets: CPT® to HCPCS; CPT® to ICD-9-CM Volume 1; ICD-9-CM Volume 3 to CPT®; HCPCS to ICD-9-CM.

Modifier Crosswalk view the acceptable CPT® codes to Modifiers and HCPCS codes to Modifiers.

all the features of Plus and Physician Claim Check Tool

The Physician edit check for compliance tool will assist you in preventing claim denials. It does so by checking whether multiple CPT, HCPCS and ICD codes can be bundled/submitted together as per current Medicare edits, rules and regulations.

SpeedeCoder has been a huge help for my staff. I have advised my medical bill review team to let me know if there are any questions that they may have so I can email you for assistance.

Jennette K. Medical Bill Review Coordinator

I am 50 years old and just graduated … I am taking my CCA exam … and I wanted to be fully prepared. I am sure this SpeedeCoder will be one of my most valuable tools. It sure helped me through college.

Thanks for following up with me. I love the program and it has helped me with surgery. It has saved my life a few times already.

Zachary G. Harris, CPC HCC Coder, HCC Risk Adjustment Altegra Health

The class is moving fast, and SpeedeCoder is doing its educational purpose…I also enjoy utilizing this system.

Teresa Blanco-Williamson HM.Ed, SDAIE, CMBS, MOS

I was able to verify my medical coding exams texts utilizing SpeedeCoder. I found that it was useful to type words into the search field and also to check my spelling as I entered! The searches were very fast!

Helen Hammers New coding professional

I have found SpeedeCoder very useful. It has helped me in the evaluation of health risk and comparative analysis. It is a good product.

I was VERY satisfied with SpeedeCoder. As a matter of fact, some of my colleagues and I are thinking about forming a company…Thank you!

Katharina Bohnes-Carroll CCS, CPC, CPC-H

SpeedeCoder was very useful during a major crunch the other day. I was not fumbling through the printed books, indexes and manuals. I was able to rapidly search keywords for the diagnosis and CPT codes that I needed to finalize the medical billing on, saving me a lot of time!

Kate P. New coding professional

The SpeedeCoder program is quite nice. I like the program as it allows me to search for compatible billing codes that I can add or bundle together. Thanks!

Josh Gaffney BSN, RPSGT, Director, Pacific Northwest Sleep Centers, LLC

I used the SpeedeCoder last night while working my remote coding job, and it was great. I can definitely see my speed coming up with using this program. I actually accomplished more charts done last night. No more fighting to look all the codes up in the books.

Beverly Roll MS,BS,CPC-H Outpatient Medical Auditor Evans Army Hospital, Ft. Carson

I m working on learning SpeedeCoder in my class at college, I love it! It is so nice! Instead of having to look up codes in the book, you just type in key words! Thank You for being so kind and helpful!

I first was introduced to the product and purchased it about 6 years ago because of the ease of navigating through essentially the medical coding books. The cost was so reasonable considering we had been using a consulting company to monitor our fees, help with coding issues, help with appeals at 6x the price.

Pamela Gillette, COFPS

At the time I managed 2 surgery practices. With having the RVU’s, Medicare rates, coding edits concise and in one place saved valuable hrs. With improvements having been made in the 6 years I have been using it I believe we have saved time maximizing the reimbursement for the surgeries which in turn improves our cash flow

Pamela Gillette, COFPS

Whether I am coding 1 or 5 surgeries at once, it’s important I make the most out of my time and receive the most reimbursement for procedures performed. Medical-Coding.Net helps keep me up to date on the ever changing world of Medicare, which then everyone follows, allowing me to reap the benefits of a great job done. I really believe this product offers me the tools and ease of use, at an affordable price, as any other coding product out there.

Pamela Gillette, COFPS

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