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Nov 18 2017

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Houston, Texas with Reviews #yellow #pages, #local #search, #deals, #coupons, #restaurants,


By: Christopher C.

Houston Carpet Cleaning

After reading Pristine Carpet Cleaning reviews from from there website, I knew this company was very professional and could take care of our cleaning needs. My pets do not like to go outside when it rains, needless to say, my house started smelling of pet odors. I Found a website that had a lot of info. about why my pets were going in the house (, I ended up at and found out that it was another website of Pristine carpet cleaning and Jeff had all 5 star reviews (65), wow, this guy knows what he is doing. Once again, very professional. This company cleans only with the Rotovac Powerwand, the deepest cleaning that you can get done. Before the cleaning was to be done, I needed carpet stretching ( done because I had lots of ripples in my carpet, Pristine carpet cleaning gave me a 40% discount. Before picking pristine carpet cleaning, I was reading carpet cleaning reviews of another company here in Houston (deluxe carpet cleaning), once I read about six reviews of them, I knew this was a bad company. Called deluxe about some prices and Steve (the guy that answer the phone) was very rude once I told him I was checking out their prices only. This company even wanted to charge me a truck charge of $10 dollars for driving to my house, what kind of a rip off is that? Later, I found out that the owners name of deluxe carpet cleaning was Steve Smith, besides being very rude because I didn’t set an appointment with him, I found out that this company was very shady. Dos: Read the companies reviews before you call them. It will save you a lot of time. Don’ts: Never assume that a company is good because it has a greater raking for your search

Houston Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Touch was to come on Friday between 10 -12 am. Around 1 p.m. I talked with the company receptionist and she didn’t know anything about being late and she told me that someone would give me a call back. Around 2 p.m. I still have not received a call about my carpet cleaning to be done and Later found out that the tech. went home sick. It took the manager another 2 hours to call me back and let me know this, very poor customer services and communication. I called Pristine carpet cleaning after reading their reviews and WoW, what a great job they did. Pristine carpet cleaning took care of us on the following Tuesday, they were here promply and was very professional and did a fabulous job.

Serenity Floor Care

It was perfection! First, their employees, Ryan and Colin, were without a doubt the nicest service people I have ever had in my home. Uniformed and perfect manners! Their work was exceptionally thorough and their attention to detail was awesome. They put the furniture back and left the place looking better than when they arrived. I have used Coit for past cleanings, and I don’t think their truck equipment gets the water as hot as Serenity’s truck mounted steamer. (I won’t ever use Coit again. They stood me up for an appointment!) Serenity has my future business.

Houston Carpet Cleaning

A couple of weeks ago I had dirt free come out and clean my carpets, Bad Choice. My daughter has a soft heart for abandoned cats and my carpet were in bad shape, and the odor I could not take anymore. Anyway, when dirt free left it was twice as bad. The next day I start reading carpet cleaning reviews and Pristine Carpet Cleaning Houston was the best of them all, all 5 star reviews. Had them come out and do their magic, the service I received in one word would be, “WOW”! No more odor, carpet looks and smells brand new. This company is top rated.

Oriental Rug Bazaar

I have several antique rugs that have been in my family for generations and they desperately needed to be cleaned. However, I was always hesitant because of their age and fragility. A friend just had her rugs cleaned by Oriental Rug Bazaar and, when I saw what a wonderful job they had done, I went online and set up an appointment for the next day. The staff was prompt and professional and when I got my rugs back a week later, they looked better than I could have ever imagined.

Oriental Rug Bazaar

Since we moved into our new home and started decorating, I have had a very particular vision for every room. We had been looking everywhere for months to find the perfect rug for the formal living room, but couldn’t find anything that met the high standards I had set. When we went to Oriental Rug Bazaar, our search was finally over. Our antique silk rug is beautifully matched to the rest of the house and is, by far, one of my favorite purchases ever.

Needed my whole house clean from previous renters before i moved my family into our house and my 4 year olds bed cleaned from where he had an accident. I called steam local and they had mike and Lonnie out within a couple hours to get it all done. My house smelled so good when they were done. I will be having them come back out anytime I need service and would recommend them to anyone. They are definitely number 1 in the steam cleaning business.

Oriental Rug Bazaar

I checked out Oriental Rug Bazaar’s online selection and was surprised at how many different styles they had. The categories helped me narrow my search and I ended up buying a flat weave rug with a cool eccentric design. It’s thinner than many other rugs I found and works great in my kitchen. Anything you buy from them online is 20% off. It’s really convenient if you can’t make it to the Galleria area to physically check out their store.

Oriental Rug Bazaar

My husband and I just moved into a new, modern townhome that we love, but we wanted to add some warmth that still matched the sleek architecture. I heard about Oriental Rug Bazaar on Facebook and went to their online store that night. The inventory, especially the antique rugs, was unparalleled; I’ve never seen anything that comes even close. Six months later, our rugs look just as beautiful as ever around our home.

Wonderful Job! Excellent customer service! Asked for estimate didn’t realize when they did the black light testing that my pets had did a number on my carpet. Robert and Shane taught me about how to maintenance it myself and even gave me an insight to how to train my dogs to let me know when they need to go. Thank you so much for the hard work and educational lesson. DEFINITLY GONNA USE STEAM LOCAL AGAIN.

Tips Advices

What should I know about buying a carpet-cleaning machine?

Homeowners can purchase carpet cleaners ranging from compact units to full-size industrial-strength machines. Some models specialize in removing allergens from pet hair, while others may work better on tough stains. Some carpet cleaners can be bulky and require ample storage space. Other features you may want to consider for in a cleaning unit include: attachments that work on upholstery, stairs, bare floors, or small spaces; brushes; and a removable hose.

What should I know about renting a carpet-cleaning machine?

Renting is usually much cheaper than owning a machine or hiring a service. But not all rental units perform equally, some might require extra drying time or the use of special solvents that will cost more. – Renting a unit means you must also move furniture yourself and pay close attention to ensure you’re operating the unit correctly. Making a mistake could mean damaging your carpet or the unit itself. Improperly drying carpet could allow harmful bacteria and mold to grow.

Can I ask for a price quote from a carpet-cleaning service?

Yes. This may involve specifying exactly what services you would like performed, as well as the size of your home’s carpeted area. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in a quoted price. Some businesses may charge extra to move furniture, clean stairs, or use special treatment methods. Ask questions if any detail about the quote is unclear.

What should I ask when hiring a professional carpet cleaning service?

Decide which method you want to use by taking into consideration not only cost, but how long the process will take from start to finish, including drying time. Don’t always go with the service offering the lowest price, or hire a service who advertises door-to-door or over the phone, unless you have done thorough research on them. Ask if the company conducts background checks on employees, as well as if they are insured in your state. Without liability insurance, a mistake that results in damage to your home or furniture may be your responsibility to pay for.

What are the pros and cons to dry cleaning carpets?

Using powerful solvents to break down dirt and stains, dry cleaning puts less physical stress on the carpet, and thus might be better in the long run. However, dry cleaning is usually more expensive than hot-water cleaning services. In addition, the chemicals used to dry clean carpets might irritate pets, people with sensitive skin, or anyone sensitive to strong odors.

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