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Jul 11 2017

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Prodata Systems was founded in 1958 to serve the claiming and practice management needs of medical providers in every specialty. Presently, Prodata serves medical providers and clinics across the United States with a web-based practice management experience that combines patient registration, scheduling, electronic claiming, and practice production reporting in one easy-to-use tool.

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Struggling to get reimbursed?

The average physician provides $65,000 of care that they do not get reimbursed for. We will manage your medical billing and will help you capture lost revenue.

Are you getting paid equitably for your work?

Changes in medical care payment means your medical practice can’t depend on yesterday’s obsolete billing strategies to keep in front of successful collections. The MGMA has reported more than thirty percent of all medical claims are refused on the first submission. Only half of these are ever resubmitted. Does this sound familiar? Let Prodata’s expert billing staff help you start capturing what’s justly yours.

Get paid faster!

Our online solution allows you faster medical claim turnaround so you get paid faster. You can monitor daily receivables and have direct access to all your data. You have the option of entering claims or having us enter them for you. It is up to you. We will guide you in Billing best practices to maximize your reimbursement.

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Let our experts help your practice efficiently manage your accounts and deal with the collection process. You can seamlessly schedule patients and monitor your financial health. Your practice will be assigned a personal client manager to meet your billing needs.

Dependable and Trusted

Faithfully and efficiently serving clients since 1958.

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