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May 18 2018

SIP Trunks Made Simple

Voxbone’s inbound SIP trunks and DID numbers are available in 60 countries around the world and allow cloud communication providers. carriers. and enterprise contact centers to expand the reach of their services internationally, rapidly and at minimal cost.

Voxbone distinguishes itself through the quality of its services and management tools. Because it is the only operator of its kind with self-owned licenses, telephone number ranges and network infrastructure, it has end-to-end control over its services. The features provided through the management portal and API are recognized by Voxbone’s customers as best in the industry.

Key differentiators of Voxbone’s SIP trunks

  • Real-time automated ordering via web portal or API
  • Number portability support
  • Millions of pre-tested numbers in stock

Voxbone is the only provider of its kind with self-owned licenses, telephone number ranges and a global, private VoIP backbone.

  • Geographic, toll-free and mobile phone numbers
  • 9,000+ cities in 60 countries supported
  • Global call capacity (VoxTrunk )
  • Local number portability
  • Flat rate (no per-minute fees) (VoxDID )
  • SMS, T.38 and fax-to-email support
  • API and web portal for real-time provisioning
  • Access to local emergency centers (VoxOUT )

How Voxbone’s SIP trunk service works

  1. Incoming voice calls, faxes and text messages to Voxbone phone numbers are locally converted to VoIP (SIP) by a Voxbone VoIP / media gateway.
  2. The converted calls, faxes and messages are routed via redundant IP links to the nearest Voxbone PoP.
  3. The calls are then transferred to the customer’s data center, anywhere in the world.

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