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Aug 31 2017

Stillwater Smack-It Lures #stillwater #jr #high


Stillwater Smack-It Lures

Stillwater Lures presents the Smack-It and Smack-It Jr. Topwater Popper Baits. These lures could very well be the most effective striper fishing plugs on the market. �Made of high quality components at an affordable price, Stillwater lures is committed to bringing you the very best value in the industry!

The Smack-It measures in at 5 inches in length and weighs 1 & 1/4 oz. It�s baby brother, the Smack-It Jr. is 3 & 3/4 inches long and weighs 3/4 oz. Both baits have the weight you need to get those long casts, but they still float with ease. The Smack-It works well when casting from the beach or from a boat. The Smack-It Jr. is ideal for back bay fishing for schooling stripers and blues.

Other features include 3X strong Mustad hooks and finishes that will hold up to the toughest of conditions. Even the holographic finished baits will not chip or peel. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the bait, and one that sets it apart from the rest, is the distinctive rattle that will attract all kinds of gamefish. The Smack-it has a reputation for bringing in the big stripers, but it also works on bluefish, largemouth and smallmouth bass and musky, just to name a few. Made in the USA with the highest attention to detail, you�ve got to try one today!

5 Stars based on 12 reviews

Monmouth County, NJ

Stillwater Smack it Jrs

This is the mainstay of my fishing. Yellow Smack it Popper’s have caught more striped bass on my boat than any other lure. Don’t leave home without it

January 23, 2017

A must have in your Striper arsenal. Quality product and holds up well after getting smacked.

Effective striper lure

Smack its are my favorite striper lure on Cape Cod, MA. I have caught over 150 stripers on a single Smack it Jr!

Great Topwater Action

I finally got into fishing top-water on the Chesapeake bay. Had an absolute bast catching fish on top water with these lures. They consistently produced better than other top-water lures my friends were using. I would highly recommend this lure!

October 18, 2015

If you like catching Stripers, this is the only top water you should buy, no joke.

1st cast, 29 caught at the Rock Piles on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Rt50. 2nd. cast 22 caught, 3-8 cast no hits. 9th cast 35 18#. Key is to jerk it. stop, 2 seconds, jerk. stop 3 seconds, jerk. jerk. jerk. It gets hit, wind up any loose line, do not hit a hook set until you can feel the fish has it in its mouth. Then hit it two times hard to set hooks. No fish got away with this type of hook setting techniques. These lures are made of great quality, really sharp hooks. I tried to put on a trailer or teaser line off its rear, but it did not work as well when just using the lure out of the box. Regarding size. match the baitfish in the area.

Pros Movement, quality, sound, flash, quality build of the lure, and most definitely the sharp and long lasting hooks.

Cons None really but a couple cast caught the line in the rear treble hook and it fouled up, but that was during very windy conditions. All lures do that crap.

September 17, 2015

This is my go to popper when working back bays and small water. Stripers and blues mash this plug. Pop, pop, pop, pause, repeat and get ready!

By Peter Vansant Esler

This is the most effective lure on the market for Stripers and Blues. Hands down. Sr and Jr are fish catching beasts. If you don’t have this on your rod you are missing the action. Smokey is the most productive for NJ Ocean and Barney bay fishing.

Pros Catches fish for your mama!

Cons Poor production line so hard to find.

Not the action I was looking for

Bought the smaller version for some large mouth bass, lure action did not have natural look to it.

Pros Nice stock hooks

Cons Unnatural action

Sillwater topwater popper it is very similar to yozuri hydro which is not abailable anymore. nice hardware and miderate trive maje big spalsh.

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