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Jun 7 2018

What Are the Responsibilities of a Crisis Intervention Counselor, abuse and crisis counselor.#Abuse #and #crisis

# What Are the Responsibilities of a Crisis Intervention Counselor? Crisis counselors often work at call centers to provide emotional support and referral information. Related Articles 1 [Crisis Interventionist] | Description of a Crisis Interventionist 2 [Crisis Counselor] | Characteristics of a Good Crisis Counselor 3 [Telephone Crisis Counselors] | Job Descriptions of Telephone Crisis Counselors 4 [Mental Health Counselors] | The Role of Mental Health Counselors Crisis intervention counselors are trained mental health professionals who help people in distress. They might counsel people in danger of harming themselves or others; support those undergoing acute crises, such as terror attacks …

Nov 5 2017

HOME – Calhoon MEBA Engineering School #engineering #school #ratings, #stcw #radar #observer #recertification #visual #communications

# USCG REVISIONS TO NVICs 10-14 AND 17-14 The USCG has issued revisions to NVIC 10-14 Guidelines on Qualification for STCW Endorsements as Master or Chief Mate on Vessels of 3,000 GT or More (Management Level) and NVIC 17-14 Guidelines on Qualification for STCW Endorsement as Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch in a Manned Engineroom or Designated Duty Engineer in a Periodically Unmanned Engineroom on Vessels Powered by Main Propulsion Machinery of 750 KW/1,000 HP Propulsion Power or More (Operational Level). Changes have been highlighted in the documents linked below. BST REFRESHER VS. REVALIDATION The BST Refresher course …

Jul 9 2017

Wireless Products for consumers, small business owners, corporations and government agencies #st902, #st #902, #pager,

# Who: USA Mobility is a comprehensive provider of reliable and affordable wireless communications and software solutions to the healthcare, government, large enterprise and emergency response sectors. As a single-source provider, the Company’s principal focus is on the business-to-business marketplace. USA Mobility supplies wireless connectivity solutions to organizations throughout the United States, especially healthcare providers such as hospitals and medical centers and operates the largest one-way paging and advanced two-way paging networks in the United States. The Company also provides mobile voice and data services through Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile, including BlackBerry smartphones and GPS location applications. In addition, it …