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Sep 18 2018

5 interesting careers for introverts, SEEK Learning, interesting careers.#Interesting #careers

5 interesting careers for introverts While introverts may not be the most vocal people in meetings and often shy away from big presentations, they also have many traits that are invaluable in the workplace. Introverts are often known for being great listeners, allowing them to build a great rapport with those around them and make insightful contributions to discussions. Introverts also thrive in an environment that allows them to be at one with their thoughts. It s often during these periods of solitude that introverts are able to channel their creativity and develop strong ideas. If this sounds like you, …

Aug 9 2017

Responsive SharePoint Websites #sharepoint, #branding, #examples, #themes, #templates, #sites, #best, #moss, #microsoft, #office, #office365, #server,

# Responsive SharePoint Websites A website that reacts to the screen size of a device by delivering a suitable output is thought to be a responsive design. Rather than designing several websites for different screen resolutions, responsive design will enable you to design one website that specifies how it should appear on various devices. More people are using mobile devices to access the Internet than desktop computers, hence mobile devices accessibility has become a huge priority for web developers. There is no doubt that responsive design is now unanimously accepted as the way forward especially since World Wide Web Consortium …