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Mar 14 2018

The 10 Best Resources for Finding a Work-from-Home Job, Working Mother, job finding websites.#Job #finding

The 10 Best Resources for Finding a Work-from-Home Job

Make sure to check these websites before your next job search.

Job finding websites

Cut down on search time and get straight to your ideal remote job.

Working from home can be a dream setup for working moms thanks to the flexibility it provides. But it’s not always easy to find employers who are willing to let you telecommute, or remote jobs that match your skill set.

If you’ve had trouble finding a work-from-home job, then look no further. We’ve rounded up the best resources available across the Internet for helping working moms find the perfect job. They include helpful websites, specific job boards and even networks that match you up with a potential employer.

Giant call center buildings are becoming a thing of the past. Companies now use remote workers to operate the phones and assist customers. That’s where Liveops comes in. The Scottsdale, AZ-based tech company hires remote workers as customer service “contractors” who then get matched with companies, according to their schedule and skills. Most companies pay a per-talk-minute rate, so the more calls you take, the more you earn.

Who better to evaluate the best talent in technology and engineering than people who are already established in the fields? If you’re an expert in these arenas, consider Karat: The company helps tech and engineering companies hire rockstar employees by utilizing experts to interview them. (That would be you.) The interviews can be done remotely and are on your schedule. It can even be done as a lucrative full-time job or as a side hustle.

FlexJobs is the one-stop-shop for finding jobs that allow flexible work, including working from home. It screens jobs before posting them to guarantee that they are actual opportunities and not work-from-home scams. You can also research companies on the website and see what kind of remote jobs they have offered in the past.

HireMyMom understands how important remote work can be for mothers. The job board lists opportunities specifically for working moms and the skills they can provide. Businesses post jobs ranging from full-time work to freelance projects.

Prokanga is a job network that connects qualified members with flexible work in specialized fields. Large companies in need of finance and marketing consultants go directly to them to find and hire the best candidates. While network members often get matched up with consulting or temporary gigs, it is possible to get a full-time job.

“The (work)force is female,” states The Second Shift on its company mission page. The website put employers in touch with women in a variety of fields who are looking for remote work projects to tackle. Members “pitch” themselves and their skills to companies and, once they’ve got a match, The Second Shift will help handle all of the employment paperwork.

What makes this job board unique is that it lists the latest digital and tech remote jobs at companies from around the country. Plus, the site’s large, searchable database makes it easy to find companies that have hired work-from-home employees in the past.

Have a specific marketable skill? Guru lets you to post your resume or portfolio along with other employment information (like your schedule and rates), so companies on the lookout for freelancers can find you. There is also a section of the site where you can search through listings that match up with your skills.

While Rat Race Rebellion is home to plenty of tips and advice for landing a work-from-home gig, the website may be best known for its “Big List” of remote jobs. The site is constantly adding new opportunities when they are made available. Their daily newsletter also keeps subscribers informed of new jobs, so you never miss a single update.

Skip the Drive hosts a large job board with posts in a wide range of fields, but it’s best feature might be its “Telecommuting Calculator.” The tool allows users to figure out how much they save by working at home in lieu of commuting. It’s just a little bit more motivation to look for a remote job!

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