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Aug 31 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Original ArtSchool OnLine, the award winning repository for art lessons on the web. ArtSchool has been visited by millions of aspiring artists and art lovers. My name is Roger Elliott and I have been a professional artist for more than 30 years. Each week I will be posting some lessons or ideas to hopefully aid you in your quest for art excellence. I hope you enjoy. Everything at ArtSchool is totally free and nothing will ever be offered for sale.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and ArtSchool has it’s imitators. However, this is the ORIGINAL ArtSchool OnLine started and maintained by me for more than three years. Still, having said that, I encourage all who wish to provide free access to art lessons on the web and welcome them to the fold. It is a wonderful service to those who wish to draw and paint.
Below you will find several lessons and I will be adding lessons and ideas from time to time so be sure to check back often. ArtSchoool is here for you and no effort is ever put forth to profit in any form from these pages. Thank you for your continued support.
Roger Elliott
If you have a specific series in mind you can go directly there using the pull down menu below. Lessons will open in a new window. You can also access ArtSchool OnLine #2 from this menu and it will open in a seperate browser window. You will not leave this site.
Here you may search the entire site for a key word or term. (i.e. OILS or OIL PAINTING etc.) Some time ago I began to experiment with using conventional art methods on the computer. I have found that it is possible and that it is great fun as well as being an excellent way to practice and familiarize yourself with the basic methods of painting. If you master the techniques of working digitally then you will also have the basics needed to paint with media.
In this series I will be using a program called “Photoshop 4.0 LE”. I do so because this is the program most commonly bundled with new computers. These methods will work quite well with a number of photo programs, however, the instructions for this series will be from the Photoshop program. Remember, if you have any difficulty with understanding the instructions, simply e-mail me at the link listed below and I will be happy to help you along your way.

Using the Program
Painting a Landscape

Painting a Night Scene
Painting Darkness with Values of Black

NEW. Posted 30 March 2000 —– Digital painting “Sunset”.
NEW. Posted 4 April 2000 —- An Old Tree and Flowers. Over the years this has proven to be one of the most popular of all the series presented by ArtSchool OnLine. There is something so alluring about doing portraits that those of us who do them are so enchanted by them that all the other forms of art seem to pale in comparison. Portraiture is so demanding that once you have accomplished this skill, you can then do anything you wish! These lessons are presented for your pleasure. Enjoy! There are eleven lessons in the series!

Access all 11 lessons from this link!

There is something about old sailing ships that draws us to them. The romantic idea of a by-gone era draws us to this subject. I hope you will enjoy the lessons in this series. To access these lessons simply position your mouse over the ship above and click. Have fun!
Since I first presented the portrait series I have received a great deal of mail asking that I help with getting the perspective of the human form correct in drawings. I have prepared a couple of lessons on just that subject. I hope this will help.

A Few Quick Notes on Perspective

Perhaps the most difficult part of learning to paint is the understanding of color. It is especially difficult to explain color for it is different for each of us. Color is a very personal thing and each of us think of it in a very different way. What is presented here is intended to be only a guideline to you exploration of color. I hope that these lessons will help you to determine what you see as color.
Each lesson is presented here on this page and you may click on each lesson then return to this page in order to access the next lesson. As usual, if you have questions, simply e-mail me and I will do my best to help you.


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