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Dec 23 2017

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Home locks have undergone massive transformation in recent times. Consequently, choosing the right lock for your home can be a huge challenge. Fortunately, choosing the locks can be less of a challenge with the help of professional and highly experienced locksmith in Las Vegas. The choice of locks is a crucial matter considering the important role that they play in enhancing the level of security and safety of the home.

According to recent statistics on crime, close to 40 percent of all home burglaries take place through the front door. With an excellent choice of home locks, you can reduce the likelihood of burglars gaining access to your house and causing havoc by stealing your stuff. The market is full of several types of home locks, thus making it harder for you to select the right one with your limited knowledge. Some of the types of home locks found in the market today include:

With the help of the locksmith, you can choose between single and double cylinder locks. With a single cylinder lock, you only need a key on one side of the door to open and enter the house. As for the double cylinder lock, you will find it harder to open the door and access the house without keys for both sides of the door. The double cylinder locks are hard to open in case of emergencies, especially if you need to exit quickly. Locksmith will help you choose the best.

This type of home lock is a common feature in many older buildings. The actual lock fits into a pocket that is known as mortise. Choosing and installing these types of locks in your home is not an easy task. It is for these reasons that you should hire a locksmith in Las Vegas to help you. The mortise lock is one of the most secure types of locks that you will find in the market today. It provides unparalleled protection and enhanced level of safety to the home.

Keyless locks consist of a wide variety of digital lock technology. Here, you will find systems such as the pushbutton locks. Remote entry locks fall under this category. Biometric locks have also become a major attraction in the market especially among people interested in installing keyless locks in their homes and offices. With such a wide selection of different types of locks to choose from, it is little wonder that you will not find the task as easy as you would prefer.

Regarding home locks, some of the concerns you will hear from friends and workmates have to do with safety. However, if you want to make the home the most secure place for your family and possessions, install the home locks on doors made of solid wood. A metal door fitted with the securest and most powerful home locks will present burglars with a huge problem. This is because such doors are impossible to kick open.

Other ways that could prove helpful in making the home more secure and safe after fitting the doors with home locks include the following:

This simply refers to the distance that the deadbolt actually extends from the edge of the door. If the throw is much longer, your lock will be more secure. For this reason, and with the help of your locksmith, you should choose locks with deadbolt throws boasting of a minimum of 1-inch.

This simply refers to the piece renowned for attaching itself to the doorframe. For the most part, the strike plate only plays a cosmetic role where the lock systems are concerned. However, select the strike plates made of heavy gauge metals boasting of screws that are 2-3 inches in length.

Beveled steel casing protects the outside of the home locks, which is crucial considering the level of protection that the home lock requires against hammer blows and impact of other types of tools that burglars might use in an attempt to break into your house.

Sawing the deadbolt off is one strategy that burglars prefer using to break into homes forcibly. For this reason, you need the help of a locksmith in Las Vegas to identify deadbolts fit ted with anti-saw pins, which spin easily thus making it impossible to saw the locks.

Difficulty in choosing locks

The market is full of home locks that perform remarkably well despite the level of the picking, hammering, pummeling, prying and drilling that they face. The locksmith has information regarding the different types of locks and how they perform when put to different tests. For this reason, you need the knowledge that the locksmith has regarding such matters to provide the assistance required to settle on the best home lock.

Before settling on any lock for your home, do the following:

Locksmiths in Las Vegas have their own unique lingo. You need to do a bit of research to know the kind of language and the terminologies that they use. More importantly, you need to know the names of different types of tools and locks as well as locksets. You should learn about and be familiar with terms such as deadbolts, thumb turns, single and double cylinders in addition to high-security locks among others.

Hire a locksmith to help you choose the best locks based on your budget. Specific brands of high-security locks appear too costly. However, when a break-in occurs at your home, the cost of the locks will not be an issue depending on whether the insurance company agrees to compensate you or not. If your home has a deadbolt lock, it would not be too hard for you to convince the insurance company to give you a discount.

Lastly, do not forget to enhance locks and door frames in your home. Consult with the local police as well and ask them for tips and information on what to do to enhance security of your home. Ultimately, the best decision that you can make is to meet with a locksmith in Las Vegas and ask for more information on the best type of home lock to install at your house and enjoy increased security as well as safety.

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