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Jun 7 2018

What Can I Become with a Master s in Public Administration, masters of public administration


What Can I Become with a Master’s in Public Administration? Decide what to study

A degree in public administration sounds really interesting and challenging and so does working in the field. Public administration studies are mainly dedicated to people that see themselves as ethical persons, are highly interested in making a difference and have a great desire to work for the greater welfare of the community.

Essentially, working in the public administration field is very rewarding, considering that after completing a degree, you can work for the government as a public administration consultant, city manager and you can even become a mayor one day. Additionally, you can pursue a career as an international aid worker and literally help people in need or work as a fundraiser and get a tremendous level of satisfaction as you will manage to bring joy or support a group of people through your efforts.

Masters of public administration jobs

Apart from a personal satisfaction, careers in public administration are extremely versatile, allowing you to explore jobs in various market sectors, public and private as well. Other great advantages of public administration jobs lie in their high level of security and stability and the fact that you can benefit from numerous chances to advance to higher positions.

Job opportunities in the Public Administration field

Once you complete a degree in public administration, career options are numerous, specifically in the government, NGOs and the private sector as well.

Here are some of the most popular and hunted jobs in public administration:

1. Tax examiner

Tax examiners make sure that federal, state, and local governments receive all their tax money from businesses, organisations and citizens. They are responsible for conducting audits, identify the taxes that are owed and collect overdue tax payments. If necessary, they assess penalties and make inclusive reports estimating current and future financial needs for government agencies.

2. Budget analysts

Budget analysts have to find the most efficient ways to distribute funds and resources from various departments and programs within a governmental agency or institution. Mainly, budget analysts help institutions organise their finances and make sure budget proposals are in accordance with laws and other regulations.

In addition to analysing and managing budgets, analysts evaluate the performance of a governmental program and draft the legislation for public budgets.

Along with government officials, budget analysts evaluate the organisational budget reports and propose various alternatives in order to make sure the institution doesn t exceed its estimated budget for any program or operation.

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3. Public Administration Consultant

Public administration consultants focus on delivering policy and procedural recommendations for meeting budgets, deadlines, etc. of a governmental institution. They may acquire specialisation in a certain field and for instance, become public consultants in information systems or in logistics.

Public administration consultants assist on projects in all the steps, from research to implementation and they realise a thorough analyse of all the operations of the institution or agency. They suggest efficient solutions in order to help the institution achieve their goals and increase their efficiency.

4. City Manager

The job of a city manager is similar to the one of a CEO, in the sense that this person is responsible for making sure all the departments run efficiently and successfully. City managers are chosen by elected officials and can work for small towns or for large cities.

A city manager has to supervise all the activities of the city for which he/she works for and has to carefully manage all operations and budgets of each department within the city or county.

Masters of public administration jobs

5. Mayor

Being elected as the mayor of a city is probably the dream job for many public administration graduates. You should know that the path to becoming a mayor may be a long one and it will only come after several years of experience in working in the public administration. Usually, some of the basic requirements are proofs of good leadership and great results or a high level of performance in one or more job positions held in the public administration.

6. International aid/development worker

Your work will involve travelling abroad and living in a foreign country (sometimes a war zone) for at least a few months and, for instance, be responsible for ensuring children in Africa get their basic vaccines or helping out survivors of the Syrian war.

You can work for an NGO as an international aid worker and perform tasks such as:

  • assessing emergency situations;
  • closely collaborate with staff from various departments (doctors, police officers, social workers, etc.);
  • coordinate volunteers;
  • manage and report emergency activities and monitor their results.
7. Fundraising manager

As a fundraising manager, your main goal will be to raise money on behalf of organisations (NGOs or charities) that have as main goal to solve a social problem (help people in need), an environmental problem (reduce effects of pollution), etc. Whether working independently or managing a team of fundraisers, your duties will include:

  • develop a clear strategy and set a goal to reach fundraising targets
  • find the right people that would donate money
  • keep track of incoming and outgoing money
  • write proposals, manage fundraising campaigns and organise events that could attract money
Explore careers in public administration until you find the perfect one for you

The knowledge and skills you learn during a degree in public administration allow you to easily find plenty of jobs in the public sector, but in the private sector as well. Some of the jobs mentioned above, such as tax examiner, budget analyst or consultant are in high demand in private companies and businesses as well.

Public administration graduates can pursue other jobs in the private sector and work as human resource manager, legal counsellor, consultant, or marketing manager.

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