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Sep 7 2018

Zyxware Technologies

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Give your business a powerful edge

Zyxware Technologies is a global IT solutions provider with significant expertise in Drupal web applications. Zyxware also offers you an array of services including web application development and IT infrastructure solutions that enhances the productivity of our clients by making your critical business operations faster and cost-effective. One of the largest, exclusive Drupal solution providers in the country, Zyxware has vast experience in Drupal development and have contributed several modules to cater to the specific requirements of different kinds of companies. We strictly adhere to the Drupal development standards and agile development processes to ensure that your web platform that is secure, effective, and scalable.

We are a leading Drupal development company from India


Web Application Development

Zyxware provides you high quality, customized web applications that helps you achieve your unique business objectives in the most efficient and user friendly manner. Our development standards cater to performance, usability, security, and scalability of a website. With our significant expertise in management tools, we help you upgrade your existing applications to a far better platform.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

At Zyxware, we fully understand the significance of making your IT infrastructure efficient and effective to meet the rapidly changing business requirements, while functioning under a safe and secure environment. We offer complex, real-time, secure, round-the-clock IT infrastructure services to our clients spanning various industry verticals around the world.

Audeze showcases the latest high end technology audio products of Audeze. This is an ecommerce site with Ubercart. The site has a product catalog, a shopping cart and physical store locator. The site also comes with a blog to help boost interaction between the company and its patrons.

Studio B Films, offers a full roster of interactive video services including rich media for the web, viral video campaigns, webcasting, augmented reality videos, interactive DVDs, web compression services, mobile device videos, custom designed video event portals and HD playback for live events.

Play Ground Ideas

Playground Ideas is the official web portal of PlaygroundIDEAS, a non-profit organization that designs and builds play spaces for the world’s most disadvantaged children.

Founder & Director, StudioBFilms Inc

“Zyxware Technologies has exceeded all of our expectations. I own a video production company in California and it is critical that we are aligned with a reliable Drupal company, so we are grateful to have Zyxware as partners. They are both talented and extremely customer service driven, always there when we need them. They also have an excellent project management and tracking system.”

Founder & COO, Audeze

We have been working with Zyxware for almost 4 years and it has helped us quite a bit. They are very competent in understanding requirements and working on a collaborative environment. We have seen the company grow and with it, its processes. Zyxware has helped us build complex features such as integrating our website and our backend ERP, Frequency response customization for headsets, Fraud detection, dealer management system etc. We are very pleased with their services and definitely would recommend any time.

“Working with Zyxware has been a smooth experience from project start to finish. We handed Zyxware graphic designs for a website. They turned these designs into a fully functional, error-free Drupal website in just 2 weeks. The end result matched the graphic design pixel by pixel. Zyxware has a polite, professional and clear communication style. At all times, Zyxware relayed technical details in clear, everyday words. We would love to work with Zyxware again.”

Product Manager, iGERENT

“We approached Zyxware to enhance the visual appeal of iGERENT website. They were quick to identify a few performance related issues which they worked upon. As an end result, we got a great looking website with fine- tuned performance. We are sure that the wizard pages that were created will improve our sales and increase our conversion rates. Their expert Drupal team were prompt at scheduling weekly meetings and ensured that the productivity standards were met. We look forward to more such strategic business partnership with Zyxware!”

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